Business Counsel

I offer counsel to businesses on a wide variety of matters, running from business formation through ongoing operations and onto succession planning.

Small businesses, start-up innovators, and entrepreneurs will want to think carefully through the choice and formation of a business entity such as a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. The specific circumstances surrounding the venture will inform the decision about the choice of entity, and each entity will involve different kinds of preparation. I have experience drafting and filing the appropriate documents to establish a full range of business entities that will help the client to best achieve short-and long-term goals.

I also have broad experience reviewing and negotiating a range of critical contractual arrangements. These include purchase and sale, supply and other services, and business purchase agreements. I can help with contract negotiation and review as well as advice relating to a variety of other service agreements (including non-competition and non-disclosure agreements).

I also provide counsel to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. I can help with the formation of these entities as well as the application for tax-exemption from the IRS.