Estate Planning

Wills and trusts are essential documents that help individuals plan for their futures and the futures of their families. These two documents create a powerful way for you to direct how and to whom you want your property to be transferred.

A will provides instructions on how an individual wishes to transfer their belongings and distribute their assets. A will also provides guidance on who will care for your minor children and who will assume responsibility for your affairs after death.

A trust allows for even greater flexibility in the transfer of assets and other property to beneficiaries. There are many different forms of trusts, some complex while others fairly straightforward and simple.

There are two other crucial estate planning documents: a health care proxy and a durable power of attorney. A health care proxy names an individual (and typically a successor) whom you trust to make health care decisions if you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make a decision about your health care. The durable power of attorney names an individual (and typically a successor) whom you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Both of these documents can be drafted broadly or with limitations, and you can supplement your intentions with additional documents or letters.

My goal is to offer basic estate planning packages, for individuals and couples, at affordable prices. These packages include a will, health care proxy, and a durable power of attorney. A more complex package would also include a revocable trust.

I am available also to probate estates.